Table of contents:


Complex compounds with mixed ligands II. Complex compounds of cadmium and iron with p-diaminobenzene and thiosulfate

Anca DUMBRAVĂ, Rodica OLAR and Irina ENACHE.

Chemical preparation of Ca12Al14O33 by Self Propagating Combustion Synthesis

Ionela CARAZEANU and Elisabeta CHIRILĂ..

DTA studies of hydration process in 3CaO·SiO2 – plasticizer – water systems


Cadmium determination in water, fish and sediment of “ Tăbăcărie” lake

Elisabeta CHIRILĂ and Ionela CARAZEANU

Kinetic spectrometric method for some anionic surfactant determination in aqueous solutions

Elisabeta CHIRILĂ, Ionela CARAZEANU and Simona DOBRINAŞ.

Determination of some organic pollutants by gas cromatography coupled with mass spectrometry

Simona DOBRINAŞ and Valentina COATU

Preliminary studies regarding the analytical characterization of vegetable extracts for cosmetic use by HPLC

Constanţa SAVA and Elisabeta CHIRILĂ

The analysis of marine lipids for pharmaceutical use

Magdalena MITITELU, Mircea CRĂŞMARU, Gabriela STANCIU and Sanda DAN.

Study on the concentration of uronic acids and iduronic acids form an active vegetal principle

Doina Paula BALABAN and Gabriela STANCIU

Fat unsaturated acids value form some usualli ointment bases and different oils from marine organisms

Sanda DAN and Magdalena MITITELU

Studies about the H2S and sulfides removal from wastewater

Elisabeta CHIRILĂ and Ionela CARAZEANU

Determination of Vitamin C from fruit juices and pharmaceuticals

Nicoleta MATEI and Semaghiul BIRGHILĂ

Ferrocene-derivatives macrocyclic compounds for mplecular recognition

Gabriela STANCIU, Doina Paula BALABAN, Magdalena MITITELU and Mihaela UNGUREANU

The stability study of antimicotic ointment with shark liver oil

Magdalena MITITELU, Victoria HÂRJĂU, Gabriela STANCIU and Mihaela SMARANDACHE

N-hydroxyphtalimide derivatives with antifouling activity

Nicolae RĂŞANU and Lucica BARBEŞ

The synthesis and fireproof properties of some polyhalogenated esters

Nicolae RĂŞANU and Lucica BARBEŞ

Preliminary study of mass transfer for liquid – liquid extraction on a new type of structured packing

Claudia – Irina KONCSAG, Elena GRAURE and Rodica SÎRBU

Relative rates of ethane-propane decomposition under operating conditions


Hydrogenated distillates pyrolysis modeling study



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