Separation of waste plastic resulting from electrical products by forced aeration flotation
Cristina GHINEA and Sergiu PADURET » Download full version

Test of inhibitors for preventing corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete
Albana JANO, Alketa LAME, and Efrosini KOKALARI » Download full version

Mechanical and thermal behavior of plantain peel powder filled recycledpolyethylene composites
Joseph JACOB and Paul Andrew P. MAMZA » Download full version

Determination of some phenolic acids in Algerian propolis
Abdelkrim REBIAI, Bachir BEN SEGHIR, Hadia HEMMAMI, Soumeia ZEGHOUD, Mohamed Lakhder BELFAR, and Imane KOUADRI6 » Download full version

Evaluation of the rheological properties of the dough and the characteristics of the bread with the addition of purple potato
Sorina ROPCIUC, Mircea OROIAN, Ana LEAHU, and Cristina DAMIAN » Download full version

Evaluation of drug release kinetics from polymeric nanoparticles loaded with poorly water-soluble APIs
Ramona-Daniela PAVALOIU, Fawzia SHA’AT, Cristina HLEVCA, Mousa SHA’AT, Gabriela SAVOIU and Sibel OSMAN» Download full version 

Synthesis, characterization, and in silico analysis against SARS CoV-2 of novel benzimidazolium salts
Elvan ÜSTÜN and Neslihan ŞAHİN » Download full version » Download Supplementary Files

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