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Hydrogenation of 1-octene by Co-Mo/MCM-41 catalysts Chol Ryong JANG, Vasile MATEI, Anca BORCEA, Viorel VOICU, Raluca PROSCANU and Dragos CIUPARU » Download full version

Metal impregnated catalysts for bioethanol conversion tested by n-hexane cracking Raluca PROSCANU, Vasile MATEI, Rodica GANEA, George PROSCANU and Chol Ryong JANG » Download full version

Corrosion behavior of steel in biodiesel of different origin Ancaelena-Eliza STERPU, Anca Iuliana DUMITRU and Mihai-Florinel POPA » Download full version

Regeneration of used engine lubricating oil by solvent extraction Ancaelena-Eliza STERPU, Anca Iuliana DUMITRU and Mihai-Florinel POPA » Download full version

Indicators of the deteriorate water quality status of reservoir, Sagar city, MP, India by multivariate analysis Hemant PATHAK » Download full version

Quality control of distilled beverages Alina SOCEANU, Simona DOBRINAS, Viorica POPESCU and Florian MOISE » Download full version

Trace elements balance in a refinery Claudia Irina KONCSAG and Anca Iuliana DUMITRU » Download full version

Spectrophotometric determination of ascorbic acid in grapes with the Prussian Blue reaction Nicoleta MATEI, Simona DOBRINAS and Gabriel Lucian RADU » Download full version

Exploiting of the phenoxazine as first – ever use ligand in rapid spectrophotometric methods for the determination of chromium(VI) in environmental samples Mansour S. ABDUL GALIL and Riyad Ahmed AL OKAB » Download full version

The behaviour of the oxo-biodegradable LDPE materials during the service lifeCorina TEODORESCU, Lica MITRANA and Anca-Corina TEIU » Download full version

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