Study of the refractive index of gasoline+alcohol pseudo-binary mixtures
Irina NITA, Elis GEACAI, Olga IULIAN, Sibel OSMAN* » Download full version

Chemosuppressive activities in in vivo studies of Plasmodium falciparum-infected
mice using isolated oil of Stigmaphyllon ovatum (Amazon vine) Cav.

Osaro IYEKOWA and Mary Olire EDEMA » Download full version

Synthesis and characterization of new chiral ketopinic acid-derived catalysts immobilized on polystyrene-bound imidazole
Yusuf HASSAN, Rosa KLEIN, Perry T. KAYE » Download full version

Pollutant bioaccumulation in anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) tissue, fish species of commercial interest at the Romanian Black Sea coast
Mădălina GALAŢCHI, Andra OROS, Valentina COATU, Mioara COSTACHE, Dragomir COPREAN, Liviu-Daniel GALAŢCHI » Download full version

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