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Organochlorine contaminants (PCBs, DDTs, HCB & HBDE) in fish from the Lake Varna and Lake Beloslav, Bulgaria
Stanislava GEORGIEVA, Mona STANCHEVA and Lubomir MAKEDONSKI » Download full version

Analytical characterization of some pasteurized apple juices during storage
Cristina DAMIAN, Ana LEAHU, Mircea OROIAN and Sorina ROPCIUC » Download full version

Determination of caftaric acid in tincture and rose water obtained from Rosae damascenae flores
Antoanela POPESCU, Nicoleta MATEI, Florentina RONCEA, Horatiu MIRESANa and Georgeta PAVALACHE » Download full version

Comparison of heavy metal concentration of some marine fishes from Black and Aegean Seas
Lubomir MAKEDONSKI, Katya PEYCHEVA and Mona STANCHEVA » Download full version

Determination of loratadine in pharmaceuticals by a spectrophotometric method
Georgeta PAVALACHE, Nicoleta MATEI and Antoanela POPESCU » Download full version

Applications of a DAD-HPLC method for determination of loratadine on biological samples
Georgeta PAVALACHE, Nicoleta MATEI, Antoanela POPESCU and Verginica SCHRODER » Download full version

Cadmium and lead occurrence in soil and grape from Murfatlar Vineyard
Nicoleta MATEI, Antoanela POPESCU, Gabriel-Lucian RADU, Victoria ARTEM and Georgeta PAVALACHE » Download full version

Surface treatments applied on titanium implants
Sorin Cosmin COSMA, Nicolae BALC, Marioara MOLDOVAN and Cristina Ștefana MIRON-BORZAN » Download full version

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