Activity and stability of urease enzyme immobilized on Amberlite resin
Jawad Kadhim Jawad AL-SHAMS, Mustafa Abdul Kadhim HUSSEIN, and Hussein Kadhem ALHAKEIM » Download full version

Isolation of an isoflavonoid and a terpenoid from the heartwood of Baphia nitida Lodd. (camwood)
Gloria Ihuoma NDUKWE, Amarachi OLUAH, and Godswill Kuta FEKARURHOBO» Download full version – Supplementary Material

Effect of acryloylation on superabsorbency of starch copolymers
Aliyu Danmusa MOHAMMED and Yusuf HASSAN» Download full version

The influence of extraction method on antioxidant potential of Tilia argentea flowers and bracts
Serap AYAZ SEYHAN ,Zümrüt YILMAZ, and Deniz ÇIKLA YILMAZ» Download full version

Spectral investigations of some piperidin-4-one molecular addition compounds
Jayaraman CHAKKARAVARTHY, Inbasekaran MUTHUVEL, and Ganesamoorthy THIRUNARAYANAN» Download full version

Enhancement of tartaric acid modified washing solutions for lead decontamination of tropical soils
Effiong Ukorebi ETIM » Download full version

The influence of extraction method on the composition and analgesic activity of Calligonum comosum phenolic extracts
Atef CHOUIKH and Abdelkrim REBIAI» Download full version

Optimization of process factors using the Taguchi method of DOE towards the hydrodeoxygenation of acetic acid
Ahmed Lawal MASHI and Muhammad Sulaiman RAHAMA» Download full version

Consideration of phthalates distribution in underground water in some selected regions in Delta State, Southern Nigeria
Oghenekohwiroro EDJERE, Christiana Ene OGWUCHE, Uwem BASSEY, and Akpofure RIM-RUKEH » Download full version

Life cycle assessment of fermented milk: yogurt production
Cristina GHINEA * and Ana LEAHU » Download full version

Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of some benzylidene-4-nitroanilines
Ramamurthy SURESH, Saravanan Palanivel SAKTHINATHAN, Dakshnamoorthy KAMALAKKANNAN, Inbasekaran MUTHUVEL and Ganesamoorthy THIRUNARAYANAN» Download full version

Texture and rheological evaluation of aerated confectionery
Sergiu PĂDUREŢ, Raluca – Olimpia ZIMBRU, Sonia AMARIEI» Download full version

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