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NMR detected metabolites in complex natural fluids. Quinic acid in apple juice
Gabriela Liliana AILIESEI, Mihaela CIOBANU, Mihaela BALAN, Cristina STAVARACHE, Lucica BARBES, Alina NICOLESCU, and Calin DELEANU » Download full version

Physico-chemical characterisation of some samples of fresh milk and milk powder
Alina SOCEANU, Viorica POPESCU and Simona DOBRINAS » Download full version

Photocatalytic study of organosilane-modified zinc oxide nanoparticles
Aurel TĂBĂCARU, Mariana BUȘILĂ, Viorica (GHISMAN) PLEȘCAN and Viorica MUȘAT » Download full version

Review articles

Analysis and classification of physical and chemical methods of fuel activation
Viktoriya FEDORCHAK and Taras FEDORCHAK » Download full version

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