GC-MS profile and antimicrobial activities of extracts from root of Senna occidentalis Linn.
Ngozi Francesca AMAKO, Mary-Ann Nkoli MGBEMENA, and Sunday Peter ODO  » Download full version

Eco-friendly and efficient monitoring of physico-chemical parameters of some mineral water from Slanic Moldova (Romania) during storage in different conditions – a case study.
Lavinia MISAILA, Narcis BARSAN, Dumitra RADUCANU, Luminita GROSU, Oana-Irina PATRICIU, Irina-Claudia ALEXA and Adriana-Luminita FINARU» Download full version  » Supplementary Materials

End-of-life mobile phones parts contain toxic metals that make them hazardous, but can also serve as resource reserves for such metals
Bukola Omoyemi ABIODUN and Paschal Okiroro INIAGHE » Download full version

Rheology of new lubricating greases made from renewable materials
Olga V. SĂPUNARU,  Ancaelena E. STERPU, Cyrille Alode VODOUNON, Sibel OSMAN and Claudia I. KONCSAG » Download full version

Solubility of acetaminophen in the ethanol and glycerol mixtures at different temperatures
Nafiseh GHOLIZADEH, Jalal HANAEE, Elaheh RAHIMPOUR  and Abolghasem JOUYBAN  » Download full version

Xylopia aethiopica HPLC-DAD polyphenol profiling and antioxidant status from South-South region of Nigeria
Joel OKPOGHONO, Ejovi OSIOMA, Sandra Oghenekohwo METIE, Udoka Bessie IGUE, Endurance Fegor ISOJE, and Solomon Ugochukwu OKOM » Download full version

Novel chalcone analogs derived from 4-(benzyloxy)benzaldehyde
Mihaela BALAN-PORCĂRAŞU and Gheorghe ROMAN » Download full version

Comparative analysis of a POPC bilayer and a DPC micelle comprising an interfacial anchored peptide using all-atom MD simulations
Nahuel PERROT, Adriana ISVORAN, Pierre NÉDELEC, Nadége JAMIN, and Veronica BESWICK » Download full version  » Supplementary Materials

Cyperus rotundus tubers resin from Algeria: a promising source of natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and photoprotective compounds
Anis BEN ALI, Atef CHOUIKH, and Larbi HADDAD » Download full version

Galium verum L. petroleum ether extract – antitumor potential on human melanoma cells
Alexandra-Denisa SEMENESCU, Elena-Alina MOACĂ, Raul CHIOIBAŞ, Andrada IFTODE, Diana-Simona TCHIAKPE-ANTAL, Laurian VLASE, Ana-Maria VLASE, Delia MUNTEAN, and Cristina-Adriana DEHELEAN » Download full version

Catalytic effect of nano copper ferrite on the synthesis of 6-(anthracen-9-yl)-4-(benzofuran-2-yl)pyrimidin-2-(1H)-one
Jaganathan DIVYA, Paneerselvam GAYATHRI, Inbasekaran MUTHUVEL, and Ganesamoorthy THIRUNARAYANAN » Download full version  » Supplementary Materials

Preparation and characterization of chemically and electrochemically synthesized ,ethylenedioxy pyrrole/pyrrole (EDOP/Py) copolymers
Hamdi TEKELIOGLU and Songul Sen GURSOY » Download full version

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