Chemical speciation and mobility of heavy metals in soils of refuse dumpsites  in some urban towns in the Niger Delta of Nigeria
Godswill O. TESI, Joshua O. OJEGU, and Samuel O. AKPORIDO » Download full version

Osmotic dehydration of apple and pear slices: color and chemical characteristics
Ana LEAHU, Cristina GHINEA, and Mircea-Adrian OROIAN» Download full version

Physicochemical analysis of water and sediments of Usuma Dam, Abuja, Nigeria
Ifenna ILECHUKWU, Tolulope Abisola OLUSINA, and Odinaka Chidinma ECHETA » Download full version

Spectrophotometric indicators of the stability of anthocyanin-containing extracts depending on the color of plant materials
Vladimir Mikhailovich KOLDAEV, Artem Yurevich MANYAKHIN and Petr Semenovich ZORIKOV» Download full version

Phenolic profile and antioxidant activity of bee pollen extracts from different regions of Algeria
Hadia HEMMAMI, Bachir BEN SEGHIR, Mustapha BEN ALI,  Abdelkrim REBIAI, Soumeia ZEGHOUD, and Fatima BRAHMIA» Download full version

Chemometric analysis of drinking water quality parameters of Sagar city, Madhya Pradesh, India
Hemant PATHAK» Download full version

Effect of ethanol extract of Telfairia occidentalis leaf on some biochemical parameters of 2,4-dinitrophenyl hydrazine induced oxidative stress in albino rats
Oyedele Elliot SEYIFUNMI and Ayorinde AJAYI» Download full version

Optimization of SPE method for the extraction of 12 neurotransmitters from sheep brain
Raluca TAMPU, Catalin TAMPU, and Claire ELFAKIR» Download full version

Synthesis and characterization of magnetic oxide nanoparticles and corresponding thin films for wastewaters treatment
Lenuța CRINTEA (CĂPĂȚÂNĂ), Viorica MUȘAT, Silviu POLOSAN, Alina CANTARAGIU, Vasile BAȘLIU, Andreea DEDIU (BOTEZATU),  and Rodica DINICĂ» Download full version

Occurrence and sources of aliphatic hydrocarbons in anthropogenic impacted soils from petroleum tank-farms in the Niger Delta, Nigeria
Onoriode O. EMOYAN, Chiedu C. IKECHUKWU, and Godswill O. TESI» Download full version

Quantitative and qualitative basement of microbial presence during phytoremediation of heavy metal polluted soil using Chromolaena odorata
Gloria Omorowa OMOREGIE, Abraham Goodness OGOFURE, Beckley IKHAJIAGBE, and Geoffrey Obinna ANOLIEFO» Download full version

Ultrasound assisted synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of some (E)-  1,2,3-triphenylprop-2-en-1-ones
Veerendiran MALA, Inbasekaran MUTHUVEL, Ganesamoorthy THIRUNARAYANAN, Saravanan Palavanivel SAKTHINATHAN, Ranganathan ARULKUMARAN, Venkatesan MANI, Rajasekaran SUNDARARAJAN, Dakshnamoorthy KAMALAKKANNAN, Ramamurthy SURESH, and Veeramalai USHA» Download full version

Cellulose fibers extraction from Ulva lactuca from the Black Sea
Doiniţa-Roxana CIOROIU TIRPAN, Claudia Irina KONCSAG, and Tănase DOBRE2 » Download full version

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