Health risk assessment of polychlorinated biphenyls exposure from inland rivers sediments in Warri-South, Warri, Delta State
Shedrack Oritsetimeyin AMURUN, Joel OKPOGHONO, and Clifford Iheanyichukwu ANUNUSO  » Download full version

Assessment of spatial distribution of lead in soils around an active military shooting range
Effiong Ukorebi ETIM and Mercy Ichiko OLA » Download full version

Impact of different extraction solvents and concentrations on the total phenolics content and bioactivity of the Algerian lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) extracts
Abdelatif AOUADI, Djamila Hamada SAOUD, Abdelkrim REBIAI, Fatma Mohamed ABD EL-MORDY, Salah Eddine LAOUINI, Abdelhak ACHOURI, Yasir A. A. MUSTAFA, Soumia HADJADJ and Ahmed Ali MUSTAFA » Download full version » Supplementary Materials

Optimization of ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE) of (poly)phenolic compounds from blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) leaves using full-factorial design
Nebojša VASILJEVIĆ, Vladan MIĆIĆ, Mitar PERUŠIĆ, Milorad TOMIĆ, Sanja PANIĆ and Duško KOSTIĆ » Download full version

Synthesis, spectral study and evaluation of antibacterial activity of some novel 4-(6-methoxynaphthalen-2-yl)-6-(substituted aryl)pyrimidine-2(1H)-thiones
Rajendran VENKATRAMAN, Jaganathan DIVYA, Pannerselvam GAYATHRI, Ganesamoorthy THIRUNARAYANAN and Inbasekaran MUTHUVEL » Download full version

Marine litter and plastic detection on Black Sea beaches by using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
Dragoș MARIN,  Andreea-Mădălina CIUCĂ, Adrian FILIMON, and Elena STOICA » Download full version

Physical and sensory properties of berry craft sorbet with inulin and effect of storage on total monomeric anthocyanins
Ana LEAHU, Cristina GHINEA, and Sorina ROPCIUC » Download full version

Profile, health risk assessment and source apportionment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in terrestrial snails and some aquatic species consumed in parts of Ogbia LGA, Bayelsa, Nigeria
Augustine Avwerosuo CHOKOR and Thompson Faraday EDIAGBONYA » Download full version » Supplementary material

Bioassay-directed isolation of two novel antimicrobial coumarin and flavanone from Acanthus montanus
Gloria Ihuoma NDUKWE, Obasi Felix OKORONKWO, and Ibiba Reuben JACK » Download full version

Chemical composition and storage temperature influence on textural characteristics of bakery fats derived from plant sources
Sergiu PĂDUREŢ » Download full version

GC-MS profile and antimicrobial activities of extracts from root of Senna occidentalis Linn.
Ngozi Francesca AMAKO, Mary-Ann Nkoli MGBEMENA, and Sunday Peter ODO  » Download full version

Eco-friendly and efficient monitoring of physico-chemical parameters of some mineral water from Slanic Moldova (Romania) during storage in different conditions – a case study.
Lavinia MISAILA, Narcis BARSAN, Dumitra RADUCANU, Luminita GROSU, Oana-Irina PATRICIU, Irina-Claudia ALEXA and Adriana-Luminita FINARU» Download full version  » Supplementary Materials

End-of-life mobile phones parts contain toxic metals that make them hazardous, but can also serve as resource reserves for such metals
Bukola Omoyemi ABIODUN and Paschal Okiroro INIAGHE » Download full version

Rheology of new lubricating greases made from renewable materials
Olga V. SĂPUNARU,  Ancaelena E. STERPU, Cyrille Alode VODOUNON, Sibel OSMAN and Claudia I. KONCSAG » Download full version

Solubility of acetaminophen in the ethanol and glycerol mixtures at different temperatures
Nafiseh GHOLIZADEH, Jalal HANAEE, Elaheh RAHIMPOUR  and Abolghasem JOUYBAN  » Download full version

Xylopia aethiopica HPLC-DAD polyphenol profiling and antioxidant status from South-South region of Nigeria
Joel OKPOGHONO, Ejovi OSIOMA, Sandra Oghenekohwo METIE, Udoka Bessie IGUE, Endurance Fegor ISOJE, and Solomon Ugochukwu OKOM » Download full version

Novel chalcone analogs derived from 4-(benzyloxy)benzaldehyde
Mihaela BALAN-PORCĂRAŞU and Gheorghe ROMAN » Download full version

Comparative analysis of a POPC bilayer and a DPC micelle comprising an interfacial anchored peptide using all-atom MD simulations
Nahuel PERROT, Adriana ISVORAN, Pierre NÉDELEC, Nadége JAMIN, and Veronica BESWICK » Download full version  » Supplementary Materials

Cyperus rotundus tubers resin from Algeria: a promising source of natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and photoprotective compounds
Anis BEN ALI, Atef CHOUIKH, and Larbi HADDAD » Download full version

Galium verum L. petroleum ether extract – antitumor potential on human melanoma cells
Alexandra-Denisa SEMENESCU, Elena-Alina MOACĂ, Raul CHIOIBAŞ, Andrada IFTODE, Diana-Simona TCHIAKPE-ANTAL, Laurian VLASE, Ana-Maria VLASE, Delia MUNTEAN, and Cristina-Adriana DEHELEAN » Download full version

Catalytic effect of nano copper ferrite on the synthesis of 6-(anthracen-9-yl)-4-(benzofuran-2-yl)pyrimidin-2-(1H)-one
Jaganathan DIVYA, Paneerselvam GAYATHRI, Inbasekaran MUTHUVEL, and Ganesamoorthy THIRUNARAYANAN » Download full version  » Supplementary Materials

Preparation and characterization of chemically and electrochemically synthesized ,ethylenedioxy pyrrole/pyrrole (EDOP/Py) copolymers
Hamdi TEKELIOGLU and Songul Sen GURSOY » Download full version

Evaluation of the inhibitory action of essential oil from Eucalyptus globulus leaves on the corrosion of mild carbon steel in 1M HCl medium
Malick BATHILY, Baba NGOM, Malick MBENGUE, and Diadioly GASSAMA » Download full version

Comparison of some characteristics of homemade, local and national brandsyoghurts
Haktan AKTAŞ, Bayram ÜRKEK, Hacer Meral AKTAŞ, Bülent ÇETİN, and Mustafa ŞENGÜL» Download full version

Chemical coagulation and biological techniques for wastewater treatment
Solomon Oluwaseun AKINNAWO, Peter Odunayo AYADI, and Mathew Temitope OLUWALOPE» Download full version

Characterization of chitosan extracted from three mushroom species from Edo State, Nigeria
Famous OSSAMULU, Sarah EVBOUAN, Helmina AKANYA, Evans EGWIM, and Stella LEH-TOGI ZOBEASHIA» Download full version

Unlocking the chemistry and properties of oil-containing sludge for potential utilization
Shu Hui TANG, Lin Zhi LEE, Agus ARSAD, Zaki Yamani ZAKARIA, and Muhammad Abbas AHMAD-ZAINI» Download full version

The effect of maturation conditions on physicochemical and viscoelastic properties of Kashkaval cheese
Sergiu PĂDUREŢ » Download full version

Health risk assessment of heavy metals in drinking water from Iponri water treatment plant, Lagos water corporation Nigeria
Emeka Chima OGOKO, Stella Amarachi ONYEMELUKWE, Henrietta Ijeoma KELLE, Ifunanya IROEGBULEM, Donard EMEZIEM, and Adebisi Akinyemi FAGBOHUN » Download full version


Determination of the pKa value of some 1,2,4-triazol derivatives in forty seven different solvents using semi-empirical quantum methods (PM7, PM6, PM6-
DH2, RM1, PM3, AM1, and MNDO) by MOPAC computer program Fatih İSLAMOĞLU, Naciye ERDOĞAN and Esra HACIFAZLIOĞLU » Download full version


Temperature dependence studies and microscopic protonation constants of Lalanine and β-alanine in acetonitrile – water mixtures
Hande ERENSOY, Dilek Bilgic ALKAYA, and Serap Ayaz SEYHAN » Download full version

Study of corrosion inhibition of aluminum in acidic media by pineapple crown extract
Albana JANO, Alketa LAME, Efrosini KOKALARI, and Elidona BICAKU » Download full version

Dynamics of CTAB micelle mediated reaction of fuchsin degradation in alkaline medium
Dayo Felix LATONA and Emmanuel Adegoke AKINOLA » Download full version

A review of the toxicity of triazole fungicides approved to be used in European Union to the soil and aqueous environment
Diana Larisa ROMAN, Denisa Ioana VOICULESCU, Vasile OSTAFE, Alecu CIORSAC,and Adriana ISVORAN» Download full version

Comparison of ultrasound and maceration methods on antioxidant and antimicrobial efficacy of phenolic compounds extracted from Cynodon dactylon
L. of Algeria Mohammed Laid TLILI, and Chaima BENINE» Download full version

Crystal violet removal from aqueous solutions using dry bean pods husks powder – optimization and desorption studies
Giannin MOSOARCA, Cosmin VANCEA, Simona POPA, Sorina BORAN, and Maria Elena RADULESCU‑GRAD  » Download full version

Investigation regarding the potential application of grape pomace extracts on in vitro plant growth and development
Petronela Elena BRAN, Daniela NICUŢĂ, Luminiţa GROSU, Oana-Irina PATRICIU and Irina-Claudia ALEXA » Download full version

Effect of grape (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Dimrit) seed extract powder on total phenolic content and antioxidant properties of ayran drink
Rabia FAKI, Kubra KOCATURK, Oguz GURSOY and Yusuf YILMAZ  » Download full version

Solid fuel briquette from biomass: Recent trends

Azrul Nurfaiz MOHD FAIZAL, Mohd Shafiq Hakimi MOHD SHAID, and Muhammad Abbas AHMAD ZAINI » Download full version

Experimental investigations on polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate microplastics’ degradation. A review

Aila-Elmaz GEAMBULAT, Tănase DOBRE, and Claudia-Irina KONCSAG » Download full version

Effects of oxidative stress, DNA damage, and inflammation in multiple sclerosis: A clinical perspective

Hakan BEYAZTAS, Mustafa UZUN, Selman AKTAS, and Eray Metin GULER » Download full version

Cathode ray tubes glass wastes used for vitrification of iron oxide rich waste resulted from the groundwater treatment

Cosmin VANCEA, Giannin MOSOARCA, and Romul-Marius JURCA » Download full version

Health risk assessment of exposure to heavy metals in fish species consumed inAba, Abia State, Nigeria
Ogoko EMEKA CHIMA, Mgbemana NKOLI, Henrietta KELLE, Charles Ikenna OSU, and Esther AJU » Download full version


Glycosylated stigmasterol from the rind of Napoleonaea imperialis
Gloria Ihuoma NDUKWE, Ibiba Reuben JACK, and Rachael Elijah EKONG » Download full version

Toxic metals in soil depths from selected abandoned sites: Occurrence, sources, ecological and human health risk
Onoriode Onos EMOYAN, Godswill Okeoghene TESI, Efe OHWO, and Chijioke OLISAH » Download full version » Supplementary Material

Synthesis and characterization of poly(ε-caprolactone) tetra-arm star polymer using tetra terminal alkynyl-substituted phthalocyanine by the combination of ring-opening polymerization and “click” chemistry
Bedrettin SAVAŞ, Ergül MEYVACI, Temel ÖZTÜRK, and Mehmet Salih AĞIRTAŞ » Download full version

Molecular docking and pharmacokinetics studies of Curcuma longa (Curcumin) potency against Ebola virus
Adewusi John ADEPOJU, Dayo Felix LATONA, Oluwafemi Gbenga OLAFARE, AbelKolawole OYEBAMIJI, Misbaudeen ABDUL-HAMMED, and Banjo SEMIRE» Download full version

Malachite green adsorption by calcium-rich crab shell char via two-stage adsorber design
Tivya SARAWANAN, Sirajo LAWAL, and Muhammad Abbas Ahmad ZAINI » Download full version

Entropy generation analysis in a gasket plate heat exchanger using nonspherical shape of alumina boehmite nanoparticles
Élcio NOGUEIRA » Download full version

Catalytic pyrolysis of low density polyethylene and polypropylene wastes to fuel oils by N-clay
Sunday Ogakwu ADOGA, Ogbene Gillian IGBUM, Glory OKOPI, Barnabas Aloo IKYENGE, Okwori Isaacs OCHI and Patrick ODE » Download full version

Colloidal matter separation of industrial wastewaters from Galați City area by semipermeable membranes
Aurel TĂBĂCARU, Simona BUTAN, and Romică CREȚU » Download full version

Flow behavior of Algerian crude oils from different sources
Ahmed Salah Eddine MEDDOUR and Farid SOUAS » Download full version

Preparation and physico-chemical study of fire retardant from chicken feathers and PP/PE composites
Aliyu Danmusa MOHAMMED and Yusuf Rashidat ALHASSAN » Download full version

Synthesis and characterization of novel poly(α-methyl β-alanine-b-lactone)s through hydrogen-transfer and ring-opening polymerization

Efkan ÇATIKER, Songül KIRLAK, Mehmet ATAKAY and Bekir SALİH » Download full version

Physico-chemical and sensory quality of pasteurized apple juices extracted by blender and cold pressing juicer
Cristina GHINEA, Ancuta Elena PRISACARU, and Ana LEAHU» Download full version

Antioxidant potentials and anti-inflammatory properties of methanol extracts of ripe and unripe peels of Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.

Babatunde OSO, Ige OLAOYE, Emmanuel EKPO and Godswill AKHIGBE » Download full version



Separation of waste plastic resulting from electrical products by forced aeration flotation
Cristina GHINEA and Sergiu PADURET » Download full version

Test of inhibitors for preventing corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete
Albana JANO, Alketa LAME, and Efrosini KOKALARI » Download full version

Mechanical and thermal behavior of plantain peel powder filled recycledpolyethylene composites
Joseph JACOB and Paul Andrew P. MAMZA » Download full version

Determination of some phenolic acids in Algerian propolis
Abdelkrim REBIAI, Bachir BEN SEGHIR, Hadia HEMMAMI, Soumeia ZEGHOUD, Mohamed Lakhder BELFAR, and Imane KOUADRI6 » Download full version

Evaluation of the rheological properties of the dough and the characteristics of the bread with the addition of purple potato
Sorina ROPCIUC, Mircea OROIAN, Ana LEAHU, and Cristina DAMIAN » Download full version

Evaluation of drug release kinetics from polymeric nanoparticles loaded with poorly water-soluble APIs
Ramona-Daniela PAVALOIU, Fawzia SHA’AT, Cristina HLEVCA, Mousa SHA’AT, Gabriela SAVOIU and Sibel OSMAN» Download full version 

Synthesis, characterization, and in silico analysis against SARS CoV-2 of novel benzimidazolium salts
Elvan ÜSTÜN and Neslihan ŞAHİN » Download full version » Download Supplementary Files


Determination of antioxidant activity and total phenolic contents in yogurt added with black cumin (Nigella sativa L.) honey
Özge Duygu OKUR » Download full version

Synthesis, characterization, synergistic antimicrobial properties and molecular docking of sugar modified uridine derivatives
Jannatul MAOWA, Asraful ALAM, Kazi M. RANA, Sujan DEY, Anowar HOSEN, Yuki FUJII, Imtiaj HASAN, Yasuhiro OZEKI, and Sarkar M.A. KAWSAR » Download full version

Lepidagathis alopecuroides methanol extract as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in HCl
Gloria I. NDUKWE, Habibat F. CHAHUL, and Godwin OODO2» Download full version

Heavy metal levels in spent engine oils and fingernails of auto-mechanics
Chris Oche IKESE, Peter Agorye ADIE, Christie ADAH, Raphael AMOKAHA, Grace ABU, and Timothy YAGER» Download full version

Phytochemical properties, antibacterial and anti-free radical activities of the phenolic extracts of Retama raetam (Forssk) Webb. & Berthel. collected from Algeria Desert
Atef CHOUIKH, and Fatma ALIA» Download full version

Comparative studies of inhibitive properties of Ficus polita and Ficus platyphyllaon corrosion inhibition of mild steel in acidic medium
Christiana Agbenu ADAH, Sylvester Obaike ADEJO, Joeseph Aondoaver GBERTYO, and Andrew Adah OGWUCHE» Download full version

A new technique of performing the cell block using egg whites
Ana Maria CRETU, Liliana MOCANU, Anna SORA, and Anca Antonela NICOLAU» Download full version

Quantification, sources, and associated risks of 16-priority polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from selected land-use impacted soils
Onoriode O. EMOYAN, Godswill O. TESI, Efe OHWO, and Eze W. ODALI» Download full version

Supplementary Materials

Estimation of quantities, metal concentrations in components and management of waste rechargeable lighting devices in Nigeria
Gilbert U. ADIE and Izubundu Brown ONYEBUENYI» Download full version

Supplementary Materials 1

Supplementary Materials 2

Determination of Enalapril maleate from tablets using a new HPLC method
Simona GHERMAN, Daniela ZAVASTIN, Adrian ŞPAC, and Alina Diana PANAINTE» Download full version

Phenotypic and molecular characterization of multidrug-resistant extendedspectrum beta-lactamase-producing Salmonella prevalent in raw chicken meat vended in Nigerian markets
Gideon Ikechechukwu OGU, Faith Iguodala AKINNIBOSUN, and Odaro Stanley IMADE» Download full version

Considerations on goat milk biochemical composition
Andreea ANGHEL, Daniela JITARIU, Dorina NADOLU, Zoia ZAMFIR and Elena ILIŞIU » Download full version

Impacts of tanneries wastewater on the vicinal flora of Sheikhupura and Kasur,Pakistan
Sylvia E. BENJAMINand M. Asif NISHAT » Download full version

Dynamic viscosity dependence on temperature for fuels used for diesel engine
Irina NIŢĂ ,Sibel OSMAN, and Olga IULIAN » Download full version


Chemical speciation and mobility of heavy metals in soils of refuse dumpsites  in some urban towns in the Niger Delta of Nigeria
Godswill O. TESI, Joshua O. OJEGU, and Samuel O. AKPORIDO » Download full version

Osmotic dehydration of apple and pear slices: color and chemical characteristics
Ana LEAHU, Cristina GHINEA, and Mircea-Adrian OROIAN» Download full version

Physicochemical analysis of water and sediments of Usuma Dam, Abuja, Nigeria
Ifenna ILECHUKWU, Tolulope Abisola OLUSINA, and Odinaka Chidinma ECHETA » Download full version

Spectrophotometric indicators of the stability of anthocyanin-containing extracts depending on the color of plant materials
Vladimir Mikhailovich KOLDAEV, Artem Yurevich MANYAKHIN and Petr Semenovich ZORIKOV» Download full version

Phenolic profile and antioxidant activity of bee pollen extracts from different regions of Algeria
Hadia HEMMAMI, Bachir BEN SEGHIR, Mustapha BEN ALI,  Abdelkrim REBIAI, Soumeia ZEGHOUD, and Fatima BRAHMIA» Download full version

Chemometric analysis of drinking water quality parameters of Sagar city, Madhya Pradesh, India
Hemant PATHAK» Download full version

Effect of ethanol extract of Telfairia occidentalis leaf on some biochemical parameters of 2,4-dinitrophenyl hydrazine induced oxidative stress in albino rats
Oyedele Elliot SEYIFUNMI and Ayorinde AJAYI» Download full version

Optimization of SPE method for the extraction of 12 neurotransmitters from sheep brain
Raluca TAMPU, Catalin TAMPU, and Claire ELFAKIR» Download full version

Synthesis and characterization of magnetic oxide nanoparticles and corresponding thin films for wastewaters treatment
Lenuța CRINTEA (CĂPĂȚÂNĂ), Viorica MUȘAT, Silviu POLOSAN, Alina CANTARAGIU, Vasile BAȘLIU, Andreea DEDIU (BOTEZATU),  and Rodica DINICĂ» Download full version

Occurrence and sources of aliphatic hydrocarbons in anthropogenic impacted soils from petroleum tank-farms in the Niger Delta, Nigeria
Onoriode O. EMOYAN, Chiedu C. IKECHUKWU, and Godswill O. TESI» Download full version

Quantitative and qualitative basement of microbial presence during phytoremediation of heavy metal polluted soil using Chromolaena odorata
Gloria Omorowa OMOREGIE, Abraham Goodness OGOFURE, Beckley IKHAJIAGBE, and Geoffrey Obinna ANOLIEFO» Download full version

Ultrasound assisted synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of some (E)-  1,2,3-triphenylprop-2-en-1-ones
Veerendiran MALA, Inbasekaran MUTHUVEL, Ganesamoorthy THIRUNARAYANAN, Saravanan Palavanivel SAKTHINATHAN, Ranganathan ARULKUMARAN, Venkatesan MANI, Rajasekaran SUNDARARAJAN, Dakshnamoorthy KAMALAKKANNAN, Ramamurthy SURESH, and Veeramalai USHA» Download full version

Cellulose fibers extraction from Ulva lactuca from the Black Sea
Doiniţa-Roxana CIOROIU TIRPAN, Claudia Irina KONCSAG, and Tănase DOBRE2 » Download full version


Activity and stability of urease enzyme immobilized on Amberlite resin
Jawad Kadhim Jawad AL-SHAMS, Mustafa Abdul Kadhim HUSSEIN, and Hussein Kadhem ALHAKEIM » Download full version

Isolation of an isoflavonoid and a terpenoid from the heartwood of Baphia nitida Lodd. (camwood)
Gloria Ihuoma NDUKWE, Amarachi OLUAH, and Godswill Kuta FEKARURHOBO» Download full version – Supplementary Material

Effect of acryloylation on superabsorbency of starch copolymers
Aliyu Danmusa MOHAMMED and Yusuf HASSAN» Download full version

The influence of extraction method on antioxidant potential of Tilia argentea flowers and bracts
Serap AYAZ SEYHAN ,Zümrüt YILMAZ, and Deniz ÇIKLA YILMAZ» Download full version

Spectral investigations of some piperidin-4-one molecular addition compounds
Jayaraman CHAKKARAVARTHY, Inbasekaran MUTHUVEL, and Ganesamoorthy THIRUNARAYANAN» Download full version

Enhancement of tartaric acid modified washing solutions for lead decontamination of tropical soils
Effiong Ukorebi ETIM » Download full version

The influence of extraction method on the composition and analgesic activity of Calligonum comosum phenolic extracts
Atef CHOUIKH and Abdelkrim REBIAI» Download full version

Optimization of process factors using the Taguchi method of DOE towards the hydrodeoxygenation of acetic acid
Ahmed Lawal MASHI and Muhammad Sulaiman RAHAMA» Download full version

Consideration of phthalates distribution in underground water in some selected regions in Delta State, Southern Nigeria
Oghenekohwiroro EDJERE, Christiana Ene OGWUCHE, Uwem BASSEY, and Akpofure RIM-RUKEH » Download full version

Life cycle assessment of fermented milk: yogurt production
Cristina GHINEA * and Ana LEAHU » Download full version

Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of some benzylidene-4-nitroanilines
Ramamurthy SURESH, Saravanan Palanivel SAKTHINATHAN, Dakshnamoorthy KAMALAKKANNAN, Inbasekaran MUTHUVEL and Ganesamoorthy THIRUNARAYANAN» Download full version

Texture and rheological evaluation of aerated confectionery
Sergiu PĂDUREŢ, Raluca – Olimpia ZIMBRU, Sonia AMARIEI» Download full version




Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial susceptibility testing of manganese complexes of doxycyline with bipyridine and phenanthroline
Joshua A. OBALEYE and Olufunso O. ABOSEDE » Download full version

Adsorptive, inhibitive and thermodynamics studies on the corrosion of mild steel in the presence of Mangifera indica gums
Habibat F. CHAHUL, Elijah MAJI, and Tanko B. DANAT» Download full version

Assessing lead mobility rate from spent corroded and non-corroded bullets fragments on different soil types of tropical ecosystems
Effiong Ukorebi ETIM » Download full version

Phytochemical screening, thin-layer chromatography and antimicrobial activity study of Parquetina nigrescens leaf extracts
Sunday Ogakwu ADOGA, Deborah Ehikowoicho EKLE, Barnabas Aloo KYENGE, Terka Ogo-Oluwa AONDO, and Chris Oche IKESE» Download full version

Antidiabetic, antioxidant and in silico studies of bacterial endosymbiont inhabiting Nephelium lappaceum L.
Sridevi CHIGURUPATI, Shantini VIJAYABALAN, Arunkumar KARUNANIDHI, Kesavanarayanan KRISHNAN SELVARAJAN, Sitansu Sekhar NANDA, and Raghunath SATPATHY» Download full version

Occurrence and risk assessment of phenolic endocrine disrupting chemicals in shallow groundwater resource from selected Nigerian rural settlements
Onyekachi ONYEKWERE, Chioma Joy OKONKWO, Azubuike Bright OKOROAFOR, and Chinedu Joseph OKONKWO» Download full version

Quality assessment of tiger nut milk fortified with Moringa oleifera seed powder
Aanuoluwa R. OSALONI, Charles O. ARIJENIWA, Sunday O. BADA, and Elliot O. SEYIFUNMI» Download full version

Evaluation of the effect of a modified proprietary poultry feed on cholesterol excretion in laying birds
Chris Oche IKESE, Simon Terver UBWA, Sunday Ogakwu ADOGA, Stephen Inegedu AUDU, and Michael AKOR » Download full version

Performance evaluation of a formulated infant food on some biological indices in Wistar rats
Chris Oche IKESE, Simon Terver UBWA, Peter Agorye ADIE, Steven Inegedu AUDU, and Godwin EJEKE» Download full version

Study of the influence of alcohols addition to gasoline on the distillation curve, and vapor pressure
Irina NIŢĂ, Elis GEACAI, Sibel OSMAN, and Olga IULIAN » Download full version