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Electrochemical studies of certain nitro substituted pyrazolin-5-ones Ramana Kumar KAKARLA, Raghavendra Guru Prasad ALURU, Srilalitha VINNAKOTA, Narayana Swamy GOLLA and Ravindranath LAKSHMANA RAO KRISHNA RAO » Download full version

Morphology, microstructure and magnetic properties of thermionic vacuum arc deposited NiFeCu ferromagnetic thin films Viorel IONESCU, Gabriel PRODAN, Ionut JEPU, Ion MUSTATA, Cristian Petrica LUNGU and Eugeniu VASILE » Download full version

A new viscosity-temperature relationship for mineral oil SAE 10W Ioana STANCIU » Download full version

Retinol, cholecalciferol and alpha-tocopherol contents of Bulgarian Black Sea fish species Mona STANCHEVA, Diana A. DOBREVA and Bistra GALUNSKA » Download full version

Fatty acids composition of macroalgae from Bulgarian Black Sea coast Veselina IVANOVA, Mona STANCHEVA and Albena MERDZHANOVA » Download full version

Fatty acid composition of Bulgarian Black Sea fish species Albena MERDZHANOVA, Mona STANCHEVA and Lubomir MAKEDONSKI » Download full version

Determination of antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of Agaricus bisporus from Romanian markets Emanuel VAMANU » Download full version

Transport and separation through bulk liquid membrane of some biologic active compounds Ionut ZAHARIA, Ioana DIACONU, Elena RUSE and Gheorghe NECHIFOR » Download full version

Study of density and viscosity for ternary mixtures biodiesel+diesel fuel + bioalcohols Irina NITA and Sibel GEACAI » Download full version

A novel synthesis of 3,6-bis(2,3-dihydrothieno[3,4-b][1,4]dioxin-5-yl)-9-tosyl-9H-carbazole Murat ATES, Nesimi ULUDAG, Tolga KARAZEHİR and Fatih ARICAN » Download full version

Green synthesis of cyclohexanone glycerol ketal catalyzed by a solid superacid Elena-Emilia OPRESCU, Emil STEPAN, Paul ROSCA, Adrian RADU and Cristina-Emanuela ENĂŞCUŢĂ » Download full version

Simultaneous determination of artificial sweeteners in possible counterfeited wines, using high performance liquid chromatography with DAD detectionElisabeta-Irina GEANA, Andreea-Maria IORDACHE and Roxana Elena IONETE » Download full version

Evaluation of VOCs emissions from gasoline bulk terminals Mihaela NEAGU (PETRE) » Download full version

Characterization and stability study of some pharmaceutical ointments Viorica POPESCU, Alina SOCEANU, Simona DOBRINAS and Gabriela STANCIU » Download full version

Organochlorine pesticides and PCBs in marine fish Stanislava GEORGIEVA, Mona STANCHEVA and Lubomir MAKEDONSKI » Download full version

Inorganic fuels mixtures for automotives propulsion engines Eugen GOLGOTIU, Edward RAKOSI, Gheorghe MANOLACHE and Florin POPA » Download full version

Ways to improve conditions in mineral oil lubrication of the internal combustion engines Gheorghe MANOLACHE, Edward RAKOSI, Sorinel TALIF and Florin POPA » Download full version

Determination of organophosphorus pesticides in baby food Simona DOBRINAS, Alina SOCEANU, Gabriela STANCIU and Adriana CULEA » Download full version

Estimation of heavy metals in medicinal plants and their infusions Diana DIACONU, Rodica DIACONU and Tinca NAVROTESCU » Download full version

Nontemplate synthesis, characterization and theoretical study of tetraazamacrocycles İbrahim ŞEN, Cem Burak YILDIZ and Akın AZIZOĞLU » Download full version

Chemical durability of soda-lime glass in aqueous acid solutions Ionela CARAZEANU POPOVICI and Naliana LUPASCU » Download full version

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