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Synthesis and evaluation of possible mechanism of anti nociceptive potential of novel 2-quinolone fused 3,5-pyrazolidinedione derivatives in experimental animal models

Abhishek TIWARIand Anita SINGH » Download full version

Alpha-tocopherol and ergocalciferol contents of some macroalgae from Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Veselina PANAYOTOVA, Mona STANCHEVA and Diana DOBREVA » Download full version

Influence of dietary fiber addition on some properties of yoghurt

Cristina DAMIAN » Download full version

Nitrite determination in spices

Simona DOBRINAS, Alina SOCEANU, Viorica POPESCU and Gabriela STANCIU » Download full version

Estimation of the refractive index of diesel fuel+biodiesel blends

Irina NITA, Sibel GEACAI, Anisoara NEAGU and Elis GEACAI » Download full version

Fatty acid and fat soluble vitamins composition of raw and cooked Black Sea horse mackerel

Albena MERDZHANOVA, Mona STANCHEVA, Diana A. DobrevA and Lyubomir MAKEDONSKI » Download full version

Effect of thermal treatment on antioxidant activity and colour of carrot purées

Cristina DAMIAN and Mircea OROIAN » Download full version

Trace element levels of three mushroom species

Simona DOBRINAS, Alina SOCEANU, Gabriela STANCIU, Viorica POPESCU and Luiza Geogiana ARNOLD » Download full version

Field testing of a magnesium oxide-lime-calcium chloride hydrochloric acid based filter

Margandan KARUNANITHI, Rachana AGRAWAI, Keshaw SINGH, Saroj SHARMA, Kushal QANUNGO, and Rajeev ACHARYA » Download full version

A study of rheological behavior for refined rapeseed oil

Ioana STANCIU » Download full version

High temperature PEM fuel cell steady-state transport modeling

Viorel IONESCU » Download full version

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