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Increasing calculation accuracy in the design stage of a gas transportation system
Sorin NEACŞU and Renata RĂDULESCU » Download full version

Considerations on transport capacity of natural gas pipelines and its limits
Sorin NEACSU, Silvian SUDITU and Doru STOICA » Download full version

In vivo quercetol effect in lead acetate poisoning
Florentina RONCEA, Horatiu MIRESAN, Adrian Cosmin ROSCA, Mihaela BRATU and Antoanela POPESCU » Download full version

Sambucus nigra (L.) liophylised extract as source of direct compression tablets obtaining
Florentina RONCEA, Radu CAZACINCU, Horatiu MIRESAN, Adrian Cosmin ROSCA, Mihaela BRATU and Antoanela POPESCU » Download full version

The dynamic simulation of the natural gas transportation
Cristian EPARU, Renata RĂDULESCU and Doru STOICA » Download full version

Ensuring security of local gas supply using pipeline gas storage
Cristian EPARU, Silvian SUDITU and Alina PRUNDUREL » Download full version

Environmental pollution in the petroleum refining industry
Cristina DAMIAN » Download full version

Mathematical model for power consumption at mixing of industrial and domestic wastewater sludge
Ancaelena Eliza STERPU, Claudia Irina KONCSAG Anca Iuliana DUMITRU and Alina-Daniela MIHALCEA » Download full version

A physico – chemical study for some edible oils properties
Anişoara-Arleziana NEAGU, Irina NIŢĂ , Elisabeta BOTEZ and Sibel GEACAI » Download full version

Preliminary studies on some waste vegetable contribution to the soil fertility
Elisabeta CHIRILA, Naliana LUPASCU and Simona RAICU » Download full version

The framing of the raw materials used for manufacturing some rough ceramic materials into polinary oxide systems
Anna-Maria SZŐKE » Download full version

Quantification of sugar in different brands of drinks
Simona DOBRINAS, Alina SOCEANU, Gabriela STANCIU and Viorica POPESCU » Download full version

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