Lipid composition of raw and cooked Rapana venosa from the Black Sea
and Katya PEYCHEVA » Download full version

The revised potential – pH diagram for Pb – H2O system
Pavel Anatolyevich NIKOLAYCHUK » Download full version

Effect of different treatment on the proximate and antinutritional content of Nigerian cashew apple residue
Faith Iguodala AKINNIBOSUN and Adedayo Michael OYETAYO» Download full version

Isolation and characterization of hydrocarbon-degrading fungi from OgbeIjoh oil creek, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria
Faith Iguodala AKINNIBOSUN and Abigail ASHEGBARE» Download full version

Examining toxic metals contamination, speciation and geochemistry of soil impacted by open disposal of waste cathode ray tubes in Nigeria
Paschal Okiroro INIAGHE,  and Gilbert Umaye ADIE» Download full version

Spectrophotometric determination of metoclopramide medicine in bulk formand in pharmaceuticals using orcinol as reagent
Hanaa Khazal Abdulghareeb TAHA, Mohauman Mohammed AL-RUFAIE, and Zahraa Yosif MOTAWEQ» Download full version

Synthesis, antimalarial activity, and docking studies of monocarbonyl analogues of curcumin
Amina S. YUSUF, Ibrahim SADA, Yusuf HASSAN ,Temitope O. OLOMOLA, Christiana M. ADEYEMI, and Sunday O. AJIBADE» Download full version

Design, synthesis and evaluation of anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial activity of 2, 4, 6-trisubstituted quinazoline derivatives
Nivrati JAIN, Harshita JAIN, Ashish JAIN, Veerasamy RAVICHANDRAN, and Prateek JAIN » Download full version

A thermometric study on the kinetics of the acid dissolution of aluminium in the presence of Napoleonaea imperialis seeds extract and iodide ions
Habibat Faith CHAHUL, Gloria Ihuoma NDUKWE, and David Ogwu OGWU » Download full version

Determination of essential and toxic elements, ascorbic acid content and color of different leaves in two cabbage varieties
Ana LEAHU, Cristina GHINEA, Mircea-Adrian OROIAN, and Cristina DAMIAN» Download full version

Summer profile of lipophilic toxins in shellfish from the Black Sea, Bulgaria
Zlatina PETEVA, Bernd KROCK, Stanislava GEORGIEVA, Anelia GERASIMOVA, Mona STANCHEVA and Lubomir MAKEDONSKI» Download full version

Synthesis and structural analysis of Ni0.45Cu0.55Mn2O4 by Williamson–Hall and size–strain plot methods
Shashidhargouda H. R.and Shridhar N. MATHAD» Download full version

Some quality parameters of mustards from the Romanian market
Cristina DAMIAN, Ana LEAHU, Sorina ROPCIUC, and Mircea-Adrian OROIAN» Download full version

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