Identification of the main dyestuffs obtained from Kermes (Kermes vermilio) in the Northwest of Turkey
Serap AYAZ SEYHAN, Cağlar DEMİRBAĞ, and Emre DÖLEN » Download full version

QSAR studies on imidazoles and sulfonamides as antidiabetic agents
Veerasamy RAVICHANDRAN and Rajak HARISH » Download full version

Influence of Cissus populnea stem extract on kinetics and thermodynamics of mild steel corrosion in acidic medium
Habibat F. CHAHUL,David T. ORHEMBA, and Taiwo A. GBADAMOSI » Download full version

Prevalence of infections with Clostridium difficile on potential pathology groups
Traian TACHE, Răzvan CHIRICĂ, Marius-Daniel RADU, Gabriela GEGIU, and Sorin RUGINĂ» Download full version

AmpC beta-lactamase enzymes are ubiquitous in catfish (Clarias gariepinus) cultured in the Nigerian catfish grow out pond systems
Faith I. AKINNIBOSUN and Odaro S. IMADE» Download full version

Batch washing of lead contaminated and spiked soils using extracts of dried Terminalia mantaly, Panicum maximum and Eleusine indica plants
Effiong Ukorebi ETIM» Download full version

The determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in some foods from industrialized areas in South Eastern Nigeria: human health risk impact
Uchechi Bliss ONYEDIKACHI, Chuka Donatus BELONWU, and Mattew Owhonda WEGWU» Download full version

Influence of extraction method on antioxidant properties of Rheum ribes root extract
Dilek BILGIC ALKAYA, Serap AYAZ SEYHAN, and Busra Nagihan OZTURK» Download full version

Assessing the progression of metal concentrations in plastic components and printed wiring boards of end-of-life mobile cell phones
Gilbert Umaye ADIE, Aminat ADETAYO-BALOGUN, and Chidiebere Mmaduka AGUDOSI» Download full version

Influence of manufacturing temperature on the rheological behavior of some vegetable lubricating greases
Cyrille Alode VODOUNON,  Ancaelena Eliza STERPU, Iuliana Marlena PRODEA, and Claudia Irina KONCSAG» Download full version

The evaluation of kinetic parameters for cadmium doped Co-Zn ferrite using thermogravimetric analysis
Akshay B. KULKARNI, Shridhar N. MATHAD, and Raghavendra P. BAKALE» Download full version

Chemical composition, proximate and phytochemical analysis of Irvingia gabonensis and Irvingia wombolu peels, seed coat, leaves and seeds
Nkoli Marynnn MGBEMENA, Ifenna ILECHUKWU, Felicia Uchechukwu OKWUNODOLU, Joe-Vera Ogugua CHUKWURAH, Isioma Blessing LUCKY » Download full version

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