Glycosylated stigmasterol from the rind of Napoleonaea imperialis
Gloria Ihuoma NDUKWE, Ibiba Reuben JACK, and Rachael Elijah EKONG » Download full version

Toxic metals in soil depths from selected abandoned sites: Occurrence, sources, ecological and human health risk
Onoriode Onos EMOYAN, Godswill Okeoghene TESI, Efe OHWO, and Chijioke OLISAH » Download full version » Supplementary Material

Synthesis and characterization of poly(ε-caprolactone) tetra-arm star polymer using tetra terminal alkynyl-substituted phthalocyanine by the combination of ring-opening polymerization and “click” chemistry
Bedrettin SAVAŞ, Ergül MEYVACI, Temel ÖZTÜRK, and Mehmet Salih AĞIRTAŞ » Download full version

Molecular docking and pharmacokinetics studies of Curcuma longa (Curcumin) potency against Ebola virus
Adewusi John ADEPOJU, Dayo Felix LATONA, Oluwafemi Gbenga OLAFARE, AbelKolawole OYEBAMIJI, Misbaudeen ABDUL-HAMMED, and Banjo SEMIRE» Download full version

Malachite green adsorption by calcium-rich crab shell char via two-stage adsorber design
Tivya SARAWANAN, Sirajo LAWAL, and Muhammad Abbas Ahmad ZAINI » Download full version

Entropy generation analysis in a gasket plate heat exchanger using nonspherical shape of alumina boehmite nanoparticles
Élcio NOGUEIRA » Download full version

Catalytic pyrolysis of low density polyethylene and polypropylene wastes to fuel oils by N-clay
Sunday Ogakwu ADOGA, Ogbene Gillian IGBUM, Glory OKOPI, Barnabas Aloo IKYENGE, Okwori Isaacs OCHI and Patrick ODE » Download full version

Colloidal matter separation of industrial wastewaters from Galați City area by semipermeable membranes
Aurel TĂBĂCARU, Simona BUTAN, and Romică CREȚU » Download full version

Flow behavior of Algerian crude oils from different sources
Ahmed Salah Eddine MEDDOUR and Farid SOUAS » Download full version

Preparation and physico-chemical study of fire retardant from chicken feathers and PP/PE composites
Aliyu Danmusa MOHAMMED and Yusuf Rashidat ALHASSAN » Download full version

Synthesis and characterization of novel poly(α-methyl β-alanine-b-lactone)s through hydrogen-transfer and ring-opening polymerization

Efkan ÇATIKER, Songül KIRLAK, Mehmet ATAKAY and Bekir SALİH » Download full version

Physico-chemical and sensory quality of pasteurized apple juices extracted by blender and cold pressing juicer
Cristina GHINEA, Ancuta Elena PRISACARU, and Ana LEAHU» Download full version

Antioxidant potentials and anti-inflammatory properties of methanol extracts of ripe and unripe peels of Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.

Babatunde OSO, Ige OLAOYE, Emmanuel EKPO and Godswill AKHIGBE » Download full version


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