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The characterization by chromatographic methods of petroleum fractions from thermocatalytical processes

Claudia Irina KONCSAG, Mariana POPESCU, Cornelia BALBAE and Gabriela STANCIU. » Download full version

Nuclear and related analytical techniques for life sciences

Marina V. FRONTASYEVA. » Download full version

New ways in using long-waved infrared and their influence over environment and human habitats

Mirela COMAN, Vasile OROS and Gilbert TARO. » Download full version

Evaluation of bio-surfactants enhancement on bioremediation process efficiency for crude oil contaminated soil at oilfield: Strategic study

Hashim R. ABDOLHAMID, Maher A.R. SADIQ AL-BAGHDADI and Abdulah K. EL HINSHIRI. » Download full version

Neutron activation analysis of minor elements in deoxidized steel samples

Antoaneta ENE and Ana PANTELICA. » Download full version

Applications of proton-induced X-ray emission technique in materials and environmental science

Antoaneta ENE, Ion V. POPESCU and Claudia Stihi. » Download full version

CFD modeling of contaminant transport in soils including the effect of chemical reactions

Maher A.R. SADIQ AL-BAGHDADI, Hashim R. ABDOLHAMID and Mohamed M. ELGARNI. » Download full version

Using of produced water associated with oil and gas production as a source of hydrogen: solar electrolysis cell application

Maher A.R. SADIQ AL-BAGHDADI, Hashim R. ABDOLHAMID and Omar A. MKHATRESH. » Download full version

Analytical characterization of three distilled drinks

Simona DOBRINAS, Gabriela STANCIU and Alina SOCEANU. » Download full version

Determination of tocopherol in oil pharmaceuticals by using the spectrofluorimetry and method validation

Ana – Maria HOSSU, Mihaela – Flory MARIA, Alexandru STOICA, Mihaela ILIE and Maria IORDAN. » Download full version

Development of chemiluminescent methods for explosives detection

Elisabetta MAIOLINI, Stefano GIROTTI, Elida N. FERRI, Pasquale CAPUTO, Gianluca GUARNIERI, Sergei A. EREMIN, Angel MONTOYA , Maria J. MOREN, and Marcello D’ELIA. » Download full version

Electrochemical determination of nitrate from water sample using Ag-doped zeolite-modified expanded graphite composite electrode

Adriana REMES, Florica MANEA, Daniela SONEA, Georgeta BURTICA, Stephen PICKE and Joop SCHOONMAN. » Download full version

Decolourization of textile wastewater containing green cationic dye by AOPs

Cristiana RĂDULESCU, Ionica IONIŢĂ, Elena Irina MOATER and Claudia STIHI » Download full version

Physico-chemical analysis of two copolymers used as viscosity improvers for SAE 10W mineral oil

Ioana STANCIU. » Download full version

Anthocyanins profile of Vaccinium myrtillus alcoholic extracts revealed by electrospray ionization/mass spectrometry

Ioana M.C. IENAŞCU, Ionel BALCU, Adina E. SEGNEANU, Adina CĂTA and Daniel DAMIAN. » Download full version

GFAAS method for determination of total chromium in urine

Mihaela – Flory MARIA, Ana – Maria HOSSU, Petru NEGREA and Aurel IOVI. » Download full version

Mathematical model for the evaluation of the sea-buckthorn juice preservation

Iuliana MANEA and Lavinia BURULEANU. » Download full version

Levels of phosphorus in citrus fruits

Alina SOCEANU, Simona DOBRINAS, Semaghiul BIRGHILA, Viorica POPESCU and Vasile MAGEARU. » Download full version

Electrochemical studies of methyl-3-benzoyl indolizine carboxylates 

Eleonora-Mihaela UNGUREANU, Maria-Laura SOARE, Herve HUSER and Emilian GEORGESCU. » Download full version

Effects of prebiotics on the quality of lactic acid fermented vegetable juices

Lavinia BURULEANU, Iuliana MANEA, Magda Gabriela BRATU, Daniela AVRAM and Carmen Leane NICOLESCU. » Download full version

Presence of heavy metals in fruits from Prunus genera

Alina SOCEANU. » Download full version

Analytical study of fluoxetine in biological specimens – development and validation of a spectrophotometric method

Carmen PURDEL, Dan BALALAU, Mihaela ILIE and Florica NICOLESCU. » Download full version

Aluminum concentration in drinking water from Moldova territory, Romania

Diana Diaconu, Mara Mihaela Nănău, Elena Nechifor, Ovidiu Nechifor and Rodica Diaconu. » Download full version

Sol-gel preparation of semiconductive oxides 1-D nanostructures on glass substrate

Viorica MUŞAT, Monica MAZILU, Ioan-Bogdan DIACONU and Ştefan BALTA. » Download full version

Treatment of Cr(VI) polluted wastewater by use of scrap iron, a cheap and locally available alternative electron source 

Marius GHEJU, Aurel IOVI and Ionel BALCU. » Download full version

Analysis of hexavalent chromium uptake by plants in polluted soils

Marius GHEJU, Ionel BALCU and Mihaela CIOPEC. » Download full version

Kinetic study of ascorbic acid degradation from grapes

Nicoleta MATEI, Alina SOCEANU, Simona DOBRINAS, and Vasile MAGEARU. » Download full version

The prediction of flue gas emissions from the combustion in the industrial tubular heaters

Mirela VELICU, Claudia-Irina KONCSAG and Anisoara NEAGU.» Download full version

Cd and Pb determination in some Romanian south eastern region cereals

Elisabeta CHIRILA, Marilena CANUŢĂ and Olivia PAVEL. » Download full version



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